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Get home, auto and business insurance in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce

I have access to a wide variety of products for your personal and commercial insurance needs.

Vehicle Insurance

No one wants to pay more than they have to for car insurance. My mission is to help you find affordable car insurance without cutting corners on the coverage you need.

Home Insurance

Whether you own or rent your home, I’m here to provide you with tailor-made advice to protect your personal belongings in the event of fire, theft or water damage.

Commercial Insurance

Different businesses require different needs. Whether you own a small business or are a self-employed professional, I’ll help guide you through the wide range of protections for your properties, equipment, commercial vehicles, unexpected interruptions, and liabilities.

Condo insurance

As a condo owner, you need protection to cover your valuables, furniture, condo improvements and civil liability in the event you are held liable for damage or injuries caused to others.

Tenant Insurance

Renting an apartment, condo or a house, your landlord’s insurance does not protect your belongings. I will find affordable coverages for you and your belongings in the event you are held liable for damages or injuries caused to others.

Seasonal Vehicles

Own a motorcycle, ATV, RV, snowmobile, or boat? I will find the best coverage tailored to your recreational vehicle.

Secondary or Seasonal Home Insurance

Whether for a country home or a cottage in the mountains, I will guide you with wise advice tailored to your needs that cover you in case of theft, fire, or water damage.

Income Property Insurance

Whether your income property is a multiplex, a house or condo, I will provide you with tailor-made advice for your property and rental income in the event of a loss.

High Value Home Insurance

Do you own a high value residence? I can offer insurance products tailored to your needs including a guaranteed replacement costcoverage for your valued belongings (Fine wines, Jewelry, Fur, and Art) along with civil liability coverage.

Professional Service Business Insurance

No matter what kind of professional you are, your insurance needs are unique. I can help you identify what could go wrong, assess the risks to be addressed and implement policies to deal with them.

Transportation Insurance

Moving goods from point A to point B is challenging enough. As your trusted insurance broker, I work to help you find solutions to protect your fleet and your goods before, during, and after delivery.

Construction Insurance

Whether specialized general entrepreneurs, construction insurance or wrap up, I will provide you with the best possible coverage advice for your exposure.

Manufacturing Insurance

Once your product is in a buyer’s possession, you may be liable for the way they use — or misuse — it. I’m here to assess the risks you may be exposed to when your product leaves your workshop.

Technology and Communications Insurance

Does your business develop software, websites or applications? Are you a consultant or a supplier connected to technology services? I can advise you on a variety of coverage designed specifically for your industry.

Commercial Real Estate Insurance

Whether for residential or commercial income property, senior residence property, or even a large property portfolio, I will advise you and recommend the best coverage options for your properties.

Property Manager Insurance

If you manage any property, then you need the right insurance to guarantee that you are properly covered. We protect you against a wide variety of lawsuits, claims and damages.

Wholesale Distribution Insurance

Import export businesses face risks that could threaten their success. I can help you assess those risks so you will be better equipped to manage them.

Special Events Insurance

Are you hosting a single or multi-day event, a wedding or a sporting event and seeking coverage? Things can go wrong! I can help you find available protections so you can focus on your business.

Entertainment Insurance

Whether you need coverage for a film production or live event, the range of activities, personnel, and equipment vary and require different insurance solutions. Let me help you find the right coverages so you can focus on your creativity.

Jewelers Insurance

As a jeweler, your store and all its content are more than precious to you. I can provide several special coverage plans for your business so you can be prepared for the unexpected.

My expertise

4 benefits of doing business with me

Insurance is complicated enough. Shopping for the right coverage on your own is not always as simple as it’s cracked up to be. Here’s why you should consider me as your trusted insurance broker.


With so many direct insurers and brokers to choose from, it can be overwhelming to understand where to start shopping. Use my complimentary online quote tools for a quick overview or give me a call for a detailed quote. It will be my pleasure to guide you every step of the way.


When it comes to insurance, no one likes surprises. I take pride in listening to your needs, asking you the right questions to make sure that no details are overlooked before communicating with insurers.


With access to the most reputable insurance companies in Quebec, I’m proud to be able to provide you the best coverage at a highly competitive rates and provide multiple options when needed.


My success is not measured by the the size of your policy, but rather the length of our relationship. As your insurance broker, my mission is to retain your trust every step of the way.

Damage Insurance Broker

As an AMF-certified damage insurance broker, I am fully licensed to sell home, vehicle and commercial insurance policies in the province of Québec.

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Barbara Huang

We were referred to Shana and the service that was provided and follow up has been excellent when giving us the available options for our needs.

Ben Liu

Shana is the best! I wouldn’t call anyone else for my car and home insurance. You shouldn’t either.

Jenny Wang

Shana is a family friend and she helped me get the best rate for my condo. Call her for a quote, she will help you like family!

Who I work with

As an assurUni-affiliated broker, I have access to Quebec’s most reputable insurers.

About Me

Loving what I do, I persistently work on developing my insurance knowledge every day. I am always honest with my clients about the coverages I offer and listen attentively to better understand their needs and expectations. I try my best to find suitable solutions and provide them with quality service.